Volcanic Eruption Could Dash Iceland's Data Center Ambitions

An eruption from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano could ground Iceland's data center ambitions.

 By Ainsley Jones | Posted Apr 15, 2010
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Earlier this year, it was noted that interest in Iceland as a data center destination was heating up. The country's temperate climate in addition to its geothermal and hydroelectricity make for a multi-pronged opportunity to cut down on data center costs.

Unfortunately, a different sort of heat has Iceland in the news this week. The country's abundant geothermal power comes from the fact that it sits atop a volcanic rift. An eruption from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has grounded air traffic across much of Europe. Data Center Knowledge reports that while such eruptions and earthquakes are common and mild, they rarely occur in areas where data centers are built. One has to wonder if such an occurrence gives pause to companies pondering Iceland for their data center location and if increased interest in the area will increase the chances that data centers are built nearer to areas where a similar occurrence could do major damage to a facility.

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