The Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs

Which cities are the most promising for tech job seekers? We offer our own analysis and rankings.

 By Jessica Vartabedian
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We all know technology is constantly changing and evolving, but what about the cities responsible for producing that technology?

Silicon Valley has been a well-established player in the tech sector since the 1980s, but it definitely is not the only player, and the competition is growing. There are many cities waiting for technology professionals to fill some of the open positions at top companies in that area.  Dice.com, a leading job site for technology professionals and one of our data sources, has almost 85,000 IT job postings across the United States, and roughly 55,000 of those are found within our Top 10 List.

This list takes you around the United States to the biggest tech sectors, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley and more; you might be surprised to learn where the tech sector is booming.  Among our list we have Washington, D.C., also known as Silicon Hill, and Chicago, which is becoming known to as Silicon Prairie.

We include the average IT employee salary for each city, with a high of just under $150,000 a year and a low of just above $80,000. The average tech employee has a respectable salary, but how does it relate to the cost of living in that area? Well, we include the cost of living for each city as well. Which companies employ all these individuals? Also listed are a few highly valued companies in each area. From Foursquare's home of Silicon Alley to Living Social's headquarters in Silicon Hill, technology companies are thriving across the nation and there's no way to limit that growth to just a couple cities. So check out our top 10 cities for tech jobs to learn more.

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1. With 10,585 open positions, the New York Metro area tops the list. The average tech salary is $92,223. Just outside NYC is home to IBM, one of the highest valued tech companies. Tumblr and Foursquare are also headquartered in NYC. The Cost of Living Index for this area ranges from 132.3 to 159.4.


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This article was originally published on Jul 31, 2012
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