Microsoft Releases Win2k3 SP1 Update Blocker

Microsoft has released a tool that will allow admins to defer updating their Windows 2003 servers until March, 2006.

 By Michael Hall | Posted Jun 22, 2005
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Microsoft has released an update blocker for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

The blocker, available on Microsoft's site, will allow admins to defer installation of SP1 via Windows Update until March 30, 2006, at which time the service pack will be automatically installed on any Windows Server 2003 system with Automatic Updates enabled. Though SP1 has been available since late March, Web availability is still just over a month away, having been set for July 26.

The blocker takes several forms. An executable will create a registry key that blocks or allows download of the service pack while permitting other patches and fixes to download. A script will of similar functionality, but permit users to specify which machine to block or unblock by name. A third choice, an ADM template, will provide group policy settings to block or unblock download of the update.

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