IPsec VPN Client Supports Apple OS X Lion

NCP engineering now supports Apple’s latest major release of OS X, 10.7 Lion.

 By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Aug 19, 2011
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NCP says its IPsec VPN client and centrally-managed enterprise VPN client suite now supports Apple's latest major release of OS X, 10.7 Lion. The NCP Secure Mac Clients enable remote workers to securely connect to their corporate networks via any VPN gateway—with a single click. The clients support strong authentication and include a personal firewall.


"For government organizations and enterprises using FIPS inside, which is important for the setup and encryption of IPsec connections, the NCP Secure Mac Clients comply with the standard’s requirements.

"With the NCP Secure Enterprise Mac Client, administrators can centrally provision employees using OS X 10.7 Lion computers and automatically manage their secure remote network access. The IPsec client software also bundles a configuration wizard, NCP’s Path Finder technology (which is used in conjunction with NCP’s VPN gateway) and Friendly Net Detection."

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