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 By Charles Breed | Posted Sep 7, 1999
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Part 5: PKI Product Roundup

Baltimore Inc.
Provides CAs that enable companies to build a PKI, as well toolkits to PKI-enable apps.

BCE Emergis
OnWatch Service utilizes the Entrust/PKI to store, distribute and manage encryption and authentication keys via the ’Net.

Bull Worldwide Information Systems
Compatible with other vendors’ CAs, PKIs perform certificate registration and CA functions.

Celo Communications Inc.
Solutions combine user authentication and digital signing over SSL, PKI-enable legacy and client/server intranet applications and add digital signature capability to browsers.

Provides secure root CA services.

Choreo Systems Inc.
Provides PKI consulting and technical and implementation services.

Solutions offload cryptographic processing from CAs in a PKI.

CyberSafe Corp.
Provides outsourced CA and issues certificates for authentication and access control.

CygnaCom Solutions Inc.
Offers integration and consulting services with PKI products from Baltimore, Entrust, GTE CyberTrust and VeriSign.

Cylink Corp.
Builds PKIs and provides security components for PKIs.

Digital Signature Trust Co.
PKI solutions include digital certificate life-cycle management, CA services, repository and business process reengineering services.

Diversinet Corp.
Passport Certificate Server offers full life-cycle functionality for digital certificate management, providing PKI-based security for wireless, smart card and cable environments.

E-Lock Technologies Inc.
Offers free PKI security software that can issue an unlimited number of digital certificates with unlimited life.

Entrust Technologies Inc.
Entrust/PKI, now in its fourth version, is in-house-managed PKI software for secure electronic transactions, desktop and developer applications, access control devices and Internet commerce.

GTE CyberTrust
Provides outsourced PKI products and services that allow organizations to issue and manage digital certificates for network-based applications.

IBM Corp.
Provides CA and key services, as well as PKI reference code implementation, which can be used to build in-house PKIs.

iD2 Technologies
Solutions combine PKI and smart cards.

KyberPASS Corp.
Products PKI-enable applications and allow an organization to implement PKI technology to operate their own CA.

Labcal Technologies
Offers a CD-ROM package that acts as a guide to implementing a PKI in an organization.

Litronic Inc.
Provides 32-bit PKI smart cards, and solutions that combine PKI and smart card technology into enterprise-wide solutions.

LockStar Inc.
PKI-to-legacy integration technology provides digital certificate-based user authentication and secure data transfer between browsers and back-end legacy systems.

Microsoft Corp.
Provides services for creating, deploying and managing PKI-based applications.

Network Associates Inc.
Net Tools PKI is a solution for issuing and managing X.509 certificates for Network Associates’ products.

nCipher Inc.
Offers nFast cryptographic accelerators.

Phaos Technology Corp.
The Centuris PKI Platform is a Java-based solution for building PKI applications.

Rainbow Technologies Inc.
Provides PKI protocol engines and a USB-based cryptographic personal authentication token for Web-based access control, securing e-mail and VPNs.

Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. Keon, a family of PKI products based on RSA’s public-key technology, provides PKI solutions and enables customers to build their own PKI solutions.

Shym Technology Inc.
PKEnable integrates packaged or legacy applications with multiple PKI services.

Thawte Certification
Offers software and solutions that help organizations create and deploy PKI solutions.

ValiCert Inc.
Validation authority (VA) products and services ascertain digital certificate trust by adding validation to PKI applications.

VeriSign Inc.
Offers outsourced PKI software and processing services through its OnSite PKI platform, now in its fourth version.

Xcert Int’l. Inc.
Offers solutions that PKI-enable Web servers and integrate products with a CA and PKI.


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