AuthenTec Announces New SafeZone Secure for Mobile Devices

Hardware-based protection for network-connected mobile and consumer systems on a chip (SoCs).

 By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jul 19, 2011
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AuthenTec has introduced its new SafeZone secure platform solution for mobile and consumer systems on a chip (SoCs). The platform is designed to protect these devices from both physical and logical attacks.

The SafeZone Secure Platform solution allows chip makers and device makers to realize the benefits of hardware-based protection without incurring significant cost to adapt software applications to exploit advanced platform security, said AuthenTec.


SafeZone can be embedded in an SoC to safely protect the most important security assets stored within the device, including crypto keys for VPN and DRM security, biometric data and other sensitive cryptographic information. This highly modular solution enforces user identity verification and prevents device cloning, unauthorized rollbacks to previous OSs, and any alteration to applications. SafeZone leverages AuthenTec's expertise in mobile and networking security and cryptography, and is part of the Company's offering to ensure security and user identity from the client to the cloud.

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