Network Security Tips: Server Log Management

Enterprise security requires careful monitoring of server logs.

 By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Aug 24, 2011
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There are many enterprise security products available but protecting your network usually comes down to carefully monitoring server logs for optimal network security. As reported on IT Business Edge, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology has prepared a "Guide to Computer Security Log Management" that covers the full gamut of issues relating to monitoring and securing your log data.


"Organizations should establish policies and procedures for log management. Seems obvious, but some shops simply do not address log management at the policy level. Generally, organizations should require logging and analyzing of critical data, with other log analysis being optional. Policies should also account for specific regulations, such as Sarbox and HIPAA, to which they may be subject.

"Organizations should prioritize log management appropriately throughout the organization. This will likely fall to IT in most cases, but depending on your corporate environment, legal or another department might share in the ownership of some log analysis."

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