Staying Secure Amidst Network Breaches

Prevent network data and privacy breaches with these 10 best practices tips.

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Data breaches seem inevitable after groups like Anonymous and LulzSec have dominated the headlines for months, but there are a variety of things IT admins can do to prevent network breaches and protect data and privacy better. Experts on Web safety and online identity protection present 10 best practices to prevent data and privacy breaches in this article presented on Info World.

"Dumpster diving identity thieves target businesses that throw out paperwork without shredding it. Most home shredders will suffice for small businesses in a pinch, but a commercial shredder is a wise investment if private information is printed and shredded daily. Make sure that documents with sensitive information or personally identifiable data are thoroughly shredded before disposal.”

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This article was originally published on Aug 1, 2011
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