Data Reports From IPv6 Trial

World IPv6 Day lessons examined.

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Ars Technica presents an article looking at the lessons taught by World IPv6 day. The internet test occurred over a month ago and very few problems were reported. These results indicate it's possible to add IPv6 addresses to large Web destinations without significant adverse effects. Detailed data reports from the trial are explored in the article.

"Looking at the yearly trends picture of the IPv6 traffic of the DE-CIX Internet exchange in Frankfurt, IPv6 traffic did go up with WIPv6D and not back down afterwards. However, IPv6 traffic was much higher until a year ago. In this case, I suspect that the big decrease around July 2010 was the result of the increasing IPv6 traffic being rerouted around the exchange point and not because of an actual reduction in IPv6 traffic. But it's hard to know these things for sure.”

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This article was originally published on Jul 20, 2011
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