Building an LDAP Server on Linux, Part 2 - Page 2

 By Carla Schroder | Posted Oct 20, 2003
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Here there be README, INSTALL, LICENSE, ANNOUNCEMENT, and COPYRIGHT documents. Take the time to read these, as they contain important information. To take quick a look at compile-time options, type:

root@windbag:/usr/src# ./configure --help

This is interesting reading, with the defaults clearly marked and the options self-explanatory. For now let's just stick with the defaults. Do the magic three commands:

# ./configure
# make depend
# make

Lots of things happen after each one; relax and wait. When it's all done, run the handy built-in test script to verify all is well:

# make test

If there are errors, I fear I must abandon you at this point, and refer you to (See Resources). If all is well, the final step is to actually install the newly-created binaries and man pages. From the root of the OpenLDAP directory, run:

# make install

And you're done. Pay attention to the output of 'make install'; it contains a lot of useful information. Direct it to a file for leisurely perusal:

# make install | tee openldap-install.txt

Page 3: Configuring slapd.conf

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