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 By Drew Bird | Posted Oct 7, 2000
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EUC with HCI: Why It Matters

In addition to the books, the Resource Kit includes a CD with more than 200 Windows 2000-related tools and utilities. Some of the utilities are a little esoteric in nature, but many are of use to anyone who works with Windows 2000 networks. As usual with Microsoft resource kits, there is the normal collection of utilities that youthink you'll never need--until you need them. A complete list of the utilities can be found at the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit page. The CD also includes electronic versions of the Resource Kit books, which makes it easy to search on specific topics. It is worth mentioning that with the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, as with Microsoft's other resource kits, the utilities provided on the CD are provided with "best effort" technical support. In the event of a problem, Microsoft Technical Support will do their best to help, but there are no guarantees.

An independent version

If you prefer a resource kit from an independent viewpoint, consider Mark Minasi's Windows 2000 Resource Kit, published by Sybex Inc. ISBN 0782126146. It's actually a collection of Windows 2000-related books from Sybex's Mastering series by the same author. It does come with a CD, but does not include any utilities.

Is it worth the money?

The Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit offers a great deal of information in an easy-to-read, highly understandable format. The utilities on the CD, if used in a business environment, will most likely pay for the resource kit many times over. Even if you pay the list price, the resource kit still represents a great value for the money. Microsoft's resource kits have always been a valuable resource for those working in depth with a product, and the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit is no exception. Due in part to its vast size, but more particularly to its range of content, it could even be said that it is a step up from previous resource kits.

For more information on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit, visit Microsoft's Windows 2000 Resource Kits Home Page. //

Drew Bird (MCT, MCNI) is a freelance instructor and technical writer. He has been working in the IT industry for 12 years and currently lives in Kelowna, Canada. You can e-mail Drew at drewbird@netcom.ca.

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