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 By Gerald Williams | Posted Feb 4, 2002
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EUC with HCI: Why It Matters

What's Next?
For the IT manager, blade server technology promises to save space, lower energy costs, and simplify the task of maintaining a room full of servers. Gartner Research expects limited growth in the blade servers over the next year, but IDC expects the value of the market to approach $3 billion by 2005. Innovations in storage technology, symmetrical processing, and management software must occur for the company to achieve that type of growth. Only then will the blade servers represent a new way of viewing the way companies establish servers and become a scalable solution to the ever increasing demand for processor cycles.

IT managers may decide to wait awhile to see how blade server technology develops before they revamp their server rooms.

Gerald Williams serves as Director of Quality Assurance for Dolphin Inc., a software development company. Williams has extensive background in technology and testing, previously serving as Editorial Director with National Software Testing Labs (NSTL), Executive Editor with Datapro Research, and Managing Editor of Datapro's PC Communications reference service.

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