Brocade Offers Subscription-Based Pricing for Network Infrastructure

Allows customers to align network investments with actual usage.

 By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Sep 8, 2011
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Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) has announced its subscription-based option for network infrastructure that allows organizations to align network capacity with fluctuating business demands.

Brocade said its Network Subscription is optimized to address the unique requirements of cloud-based IT environments and represents a viable new procurement alternative that offers customers the most flexible, open-ended network acquisition option available today.

"Brocade Network Subscription revolutionizes network acquisition by giving customers the flexibility to scale up and down according to actual network utilization with minimal risk and no capital outlay. With Brocade Network Subscription, customers pay for their network infrastructure on a monthly basis, allowing them to align network capacity with actual usage and thereby reducing costs and mitigating capital risk. Additionally, the open-ended structure of Brocade Network Subscription affords organizations a new level of flexibility in managing their technology assets, such as the ability to refresh network technology outside of traditional purchase cycles."

Read the Full News Release at Brocade.com

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