Business Performance Management Software Gets Browser-based Interface

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Jan 4, 2002 | Print this Page

One of the advents of e-commerce is that it makes Business Performance Management (BPM) much easier to track than in the past. CorVu, a provider of enterprise-based BPM, business intelligence and balanced scorecard software solutions, has launched a new product that uses Web browsers as the front end to make scalable deployment across a multi-platform enterprise easier.

The package, called HyperVu, uses intelligent and synchronized HTML objects for collaborative purposes.

The feature set includes:

  • Unlimited deployment of accurate, up-to-date business intelligence
  • A live organizational performance portfolio including balanced scorecards, reports, graphs and executive dashboards
  • One-click access to text, tables, graphics and hyperlinks embedded into a published web page as intelligent and interactive web objects complete with slice-and-dice and drill down capability
  • Instant update of enterprise performance web site through CorVu's automatic scheduler, pulling from live data to ensure that performance data is always current
  • Access to corporate performance information via any web browser, published on an intranet or the Internet with no footprint and without additional client software