Websense: Major SQL Injection Attack Infects over 28,000 Websites

By Kara Reeder | Mar 30, 2011 | Print this Page
V3.co.uk reports that Websense has uncovered a huge SQL attack that has infected over 28,000 legitimate Internet sites.

The attack, which Websense has dubbed LizaMoon, injects a single line of code into websites that sends the user to a well-known fake security software site at defender-uqko.in.

Some of the code has been spotted in iTunes URLs; however, Websense believes Apple's security policies likely blocked any attack:

The way iTunes works is that it downloads RSS/XML feeds from the publisher to update the podcast and list of available episodes. We believe that these RSS/XML feeds have been compromised with the injected code. The good thing is that iTunes encodes the script tags, which means that the script doesn't execute on the user's computer.