Fluke AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester Reviewed

By Lisa Phifer | Mar 12, 2010 | Print this Page

Wi-Fi Planet's review of the Fluke AirCheck Wi- Fi Tester finds that even with some problems including PC-only configuration and inflexible reporting, "it could well become our first-look-go-to for routine trouble-shooting."

In large networks, efficient diagnostic tools are imperative. When mission-critical WLANs suffer interference, degradation, or downtime, users can't work and productivity declines. But fixing Wi-Fi problems can take time, and time means money. Frontline technicians need tools that do away with Wi-Fi black magic, letting them quickly resolve most problems solo and escalate the rest along with essential data.

Lee Sorenson, a computer technician at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, has been using Fluke Network's new AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester to simplify his job. Whenever one of his 1650 Wi-Fi users reports an issue, Sorensen says, "I just run up there, turn on AirCheck and in about 30 seconds I can see whether the problem is with the WLAN or not."

Fluke's purpose-built handheld tester was designed specifically for frontline techs like Sorenson. We found our pre-production AirCheck unit to be extremely adept at a tightly-focused set of field tasks (albeit with a few beta glitches). We wouldn't want AirCheck to be the only tool on our belt, but it could well become our first-look-go-to for routine trouble-shooting.

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