Six Steps to ITIL Incident Management

By Hank Marquis | Jul 20, 2010 | Print this Page

When it comes to handling unplanned outages, ITIL offers a lot of answers but few starting points. With six basic steps, however, you can put your organization on the path to better incident management.

ITIL spends lots of time on the things you could do but little time on the basics required to get started. This leads to lots of questions about where to start, understanding how much you are already doing, and even when to stop and move on to the next process or activity.

ITIL v3 defines an Incident as an unplanned interruption to service, or a reduction in the quality of a service. Incident Management (IM) is the term used to describe the process responsible for managing incidents. The main goal of IM is to restore service to users as quickly as possible. When you handle a call or email from a customer or user experiencing something wrong with a service you provide, you are "doing" IM. ITIL explains the reasons for Incident Management and how to setup an Incident Management process.

There are many aspects to carrying out IM (explained in detail within ITIL), however, there are just six things you need to do. If you do these six things consistently then there is a very good chance you are "doing" IM well enough to achieve the benefits the ITIL describes ...

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