BlackBox to Resell Hosted VoIP Offering

By Ted Stevenson | Jan 14, 2010 | Print this Page

Cost effectiveness and the benefit of experience caused BlackBox to ink a deal to resell CoreDial's hosted IP services. "Going this route gives us an opportunity to leverage somebody who's already got all the scars from building it themselves," says a company VP.

Pittsburgh, Penn.-based Black Box got its start in the 1970s selling an A/B switch in the eponymous black box that let consumers run both a standard telephone and a fax machine on their (typically) single home phone line.

In the intervening years, Black Box built up a billion dollar global business in network gear and related services, such as cabling, and-starting in the late 90s-deploying on-premise PBX systems and similar voice systems solutions, such as maintaining complex, heterogeneous enterprise communications infrastructure.

Last week, the global giant announced an agreement with CoreDial whereby Black Box will resell that ITSP's hosted IP communications services.

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