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  • Enterprises are using the public cloud for storage more than ever before. They are relying on these services as repositories for everything from backups and overflow storage to disaster recovery (DR) and mission-critical application data. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: About maximizing value of public cloud storage The difference between DRaaS vs. backup and recovery About the benefits of using the public cloud for long-term backup storage
  • Digital transformation promises to radically improve the performance of businesses today. However, given the confluence of economic, social, and technological factors that give rise to digital transformation, companies are struggling with effective implementation and execution. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: What are the business drivers for digital transformation What are the challenges faced when trying to undertake a digital transformation About the benefits that can be realized with a …
  • Modern application development requires an environment that brings data base administrators (DBAs), developers, and operations together. Work between the groups must be done in parallel in order to avoid major development delays. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: About why optimizing the database for DevOps is a must for organizations How DBAs must act as middleman between the developers and operations How database automation can deliver applications faster and enforce compliance