As Recession Eases, Telecom Spending Soars

Success in marketing smartphones has left networks woefully overburdened. That will begin to change this year as major revamp gets under way.

 By Staff | Posted Apr 19, 2010
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"Thomas Waechter might be the only man in America who isn't completely frustrated when his cell phone drops a call," writes Daren Fonda on The Wall Street Journal TECH page.

"He's the boss at JDSU, the telecommunications-equipment company, and he sees the dropped calls as a sign that wireless networks are too congested to handle even simple voice traffic, let alone any fancy applications that require loads of bandwidth. To the delight of Waechter, companies are spending enormous amounts of money on new equipment to update their networks. 'It's a big turnaround,' he says," Fonda reports

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Repaving the Information Highway.

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