Skype 5 for Mac is now official.

Boasts some interface refinements, group videoconferencing.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff | Posted Feb 3, 2011
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"Skype 5 for Mac, which was so far in Beta, is now officially launched. As the Skype blog says, they have been listening to the feedback from users and have brought improvements to the app. What people have complained most about is the size of the interface, and Skype says they have compressed things," writes About.com's Nadeem Unuth.

"Skype 5 for Mac, besides carrying basic Skype stuff, is mainly characterized by group video calling. Among other features, as tagged by Skype, are an easy interface, effortless search, SMS, screen sharing, online numbers, file sharing etc.," Unuth writes.

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Skype Launches Version 5 for Mac

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