Skype Streamlines Its Interface with v. 5.0

The latest version also brings Facebook integration and expanded videoconferencing capability.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"Popular and preeminent VoIP service Skype has wooed its fair share of people with an itch to ditch the landline and an Internet connection, especially those with international contacts. Today, the service is launching its latest update in the hopes of wooing even more customers and keeping the current ones happy. Skype 5.0 features a streamlined interface, Facebok integration, and video conferencing functionality," writes CNET's Jasmine France.

"First, Skype tackled the overall user experience of the software. The new Home page integrates a feed of mood messages from your contacts and yourself, and it offers a variety of tutorials to help you use the various features of the service, from making a video call to signing up for a subscription. The company also aimed to simplify the overall interface in order to make calling, messaging, screen sharing, and file transferring more intuitive and easier to navigate," she writes.

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Skype 5.0 delivers video conferencing, Facebook integration

This article was originally published on Oct 14, 2010
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