Taridium Adds iPhone Interface for Enterprise PBX

iPhone users can now "take their office extension with them," one-click dial other extensions.

 By Ed Sutherland
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VoIP services provider Taridium yesterday announced that customers using iPhone can now access internal enterprise PBX extensions from that device. The new feature is the latest addition to the company's ipbx service offering.

"One of the big advantages of the Taridium ipbx iPhone interface is that users can now access internal PBX extensions directly from their mobile phone with a single click—it basically allows you to take your office extension with you" Taridium chief technology officer Dominique Kull said in a statement.

The iPhone functionality extends to ipbx's visual voicemail system, which lets iPhone users check—and listen to—voicemails from their mobile phone, as well as return calls and host multi-party conferences.

The interface also permits enterprises to record and review phone calls for compliance reasons, Taridium said.

The new support for iPhone owners reinforces VoIP’s main goal of extending the office, Taridium VP of sales Mathew Kovatch told Enterprise VoIPplanet. An interface for BlackBerry users is already available.

This isn’t the first attempt to link iPhones to corporate PBX systems. In 2007, Avaya announced its one-X mobile client would support iPhone connections to the firm’s Communications Manager.

Last year, RingFree introduced a similar PBX service for iPhone customers.

This article was originally published on Jun 18, 2009
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