Telepresence for the Rest of Us

As vendors continue to shave down prices—and new systems enter the market—this once-prohibitive technology is becoming available to all.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff | Posted Apr 16, 2010
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"Telepresence is an application to die for, but the cost of telepresence rooms and of the network limits usage to large corporations. But increasingly, vendors are coming out with low-cost, high-quality solutions for the SMB price bracket," writes Bob Emerson on NoJitter.com.

"One such example is from Vidyo, which has introduced a telepresence room system that supports two video streams at 60 frames/second and the price is just under $7K. To that you have to add the cost of one or two monitors. A 'traditional' telepresence solution would have more monitors plus a fancy environment and the price would start at around $100K," Emerson writes.

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Affordable Ubiquitous Telepresence

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