The (sorry) state of telepresence interoperability.

Yes, Cisco launched a Telepresence Interoperabilty Protocol a year ago, but so far there's only one other adopter.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff | Posted Feb 19, 2011
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"No one worries about which vendor manufactured a phone or what signaling standard the service provider uses before making a call, but the plug-and-play freedom of IP telephony continues to elude telepresence. The lack of standards for multiscreen systems has made telepresence interoperability little more than an aspiration among competing vendors, but recent activity in the market suggests that progress is chugging along," writes Jessica Scarpati on SearchUnifiedCommunications.com.

" 'Back in the day, [video conferencing] was run by one or two companies, so standardization was straightforward … Everybody was focused on the H.323 standard,' said John Bartlett, principal of NetForecast, an independent engineering and consulting firm. 'New [vendors] are stepping into the market. They're not all sticking to the same standards … and true interoperability means that a bunch of standards need to be met,' " Scarpati writes.

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Telepresence interoperability: Multistream standard needed

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