Different Strokes: Multi-Site Wireless LANs in Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail

This Sector Insight provides a first look into how the pressures these specific industry sectors identify differ, and how this affects the strategies they choose in response.

 By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 5, 2010
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Beyond the Deadline: How GDPR Will Impact Your Company's Risk and Security Profile

Should Wireless LANs be centralized or decentralized? This Aberdeen group survey digs in to find out.

"In the March 2010 Aberdeen benchmark report, Multi-Site and Campus-Area Wireless LANs: Advantages of the Centralized Approach, 163 organizations were surveyed regarding their use of multi-site and campus-area ("non-site-contiguous") wireless LANs (WLANs). Certain vertical sectors had an especially strong representation among respondents – Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail represented approximately 40% of the total respondent base."

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