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» Who's Got Root? Installing and Configuring Tripwire
Got Root? Does someone else? Tripwire is a great tool for finding out what goes on within your network. In this article, Carla Schroder explains how to install and configure Tripwire. (12/31/02)

» Who's Got Root? Find Out With Tripwire
Got Root? Does someone else? You spend a lot of time securing your systems, but how do you know if they've been compromised? Tripwire can tell you. Carla Schroder explains. (12/18/02)

» Security: Batten Down the Hatches and Troll for Gotchas
Between telnet and Google, there's a lot you can learn about just how secure your organization's systems are. Carla Schroder covers some obscure gotchas you might want to fix, or at least show to your boss. (12/11/02)

» Daemons Running Amok? Daemontools to the Rescue!
If you're always chasing daemons, daemontools might be the butterfly net you need to consolidate your services under a single, cross-platform management interface. (12/4/02)

» tcpserver: Secure, Flexible Daemon Management
Still running inetd on your UNIX systems? Carla Schroder says 'move on!' For TCP services, tcpserver may be the way to go. (11/22/02)

» Make Nessus Your New Security Tool of Choice
No ace sysadmin should be without Nessus -- it's the utility of choice for hardcore security scanning. (11/11/02)

» Apache 2: Improvements Are Obvious, But Upgrade Choices Aren't
With Apache version 2 out and about, you might be confronting the question of an upgrade. Carla Schroder reports that for all the improvements, it might be best to wait a bit and let the dust settle. (10/30/02)

» Sound the Alarm With SNIPS
System and Network Integrated Polling Software (SNIPS) can monitor over 25 network services on up to 2000 devices and send outage alerts to a Web page, e-mail, or your pager. Carla Schroder covers the essentials of this useful Unix tool. (10/30/02)

» The Safe Sysadmin: Tools to Save Your Body
After you've locked down your firewall and secured your IT perimeter, it may be time to assess how safe your shop is for the people who work in it. (10/16/02)

» Networking With Red Hat 8.0
Though much has been made of the popular Linux distribution's enhanced desktop functionality, Red Hat's latest release also includes some new features and fixes helpful to network and system administrators. Carla Schroder reports. (10/9/02)

» Give Your Servers A Good Home: Colo Q&A
No space for a secure, safe server room? Bandwidth costs out of hand? It might be time to consider a colocation facility. Carla Schroder covers the questions you should ask before making the move. (10/2/02)

» Remote Control for Everybody: VNC Crosses Networks and Platforms
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a gift from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge for users who want free, low-bandwidth, cross-platform remote control of their systems. (9/25/02)

» SuSE eMail Server: Best of Show?
Give SuSE's Linux-based eMail Server fifteen minutes, and it will give you a full-featured mail and group calendaring setup with a Web front end that 'just works' for under $1000 and no per-seat licensing. Carla Schroder reports. (9/19/02)

» 400 Pieces and Counting with Cross-Platform Net Tester lcrzoex
If you like those big toolsets from Sears that contain hundreds of pieces -- and what's not to like, more equals better, right? -- you'll love lcrzoex, the 400+ piece network testing toolbox. The author calls it "Swiss Knife For Network Developers." (9/11/02)

» Bridge Windows and UNIX Networks With Andrew
The OpenAFS network filesystem runs on UNIX and Windows machines and provides a way to share files that won't have you digging around in /etc/fstab or mapping herds of drive letters. (9/4/02)

» Go Beyond Ping and Traceroute with Cable Testing
We're all familiar with the sort of network faults caused by misconfiguration or complexity, but sometimes the culprit's in the cable. Build a low-cost cable testing kit with Carla Schroder. (8/29/02)

» Kiss Your BIND Good-bye: In-Depth Configuration with Tinydns
Tinydns is a scalable and secure BIND replacement for everything from home user DNS caching to large-scale enterprise networks. In Part 2 of our look at Tinydns, Carla Schroder goes in-depth on configuration. (8/21/02)

» Tinydns: Kiss Your BIND Good-bye
If you're feeling bedeviled by BIND and nagged by named, Tinydns is a scalable and secure replacement for everything from home user DNS cacheing to large-scale enterprise networks. (8/14/02)

» Lash Macs to Your Network With Netatalk
OS X will cure a lot of Apple's traditional interoperability woes, but adoption is still at less than 20%, and many network admins are faced with fleets of older Mac desktops. netatalk running under Linux or UNIX can cure some of the heartache and bring those Macs into the fold. (8/14/02)

» Enjoy Fast Network Backups & Restores With Amanda, Part Two
Last week Carla Schroder introduced Amanda, a fast and stable network-based backup tool. This week she examines the basics of installation, configuration, and maintenance of this powerful tool. (7/31/02)

» Backup Over the Net with Amanda, Part One
Amanda manages backups for your UNIX systems over the network with speed and reliability to spare. Carla Schroder takes a two part look at a backup suite that doesn't need a babysitter. (7/24/02)

» Audit Your LAN Before the Bad Guys Do
nmap gives you the chance to 'audit your network before the bad guys do.' Carla Schroder examines the best network exploration tool and security scanner you'll ever use. (7/18/02)

» Use Snort for Lightweight Intrusion Detection
If you need a lightweight intrustion detector for smaller networks, Snort runs under UNIX/Linux or Windows, packs a punch, and takes just minutes to install. (7/8/02)

» Filter the Web with squidGuard
If you're facing the daunting task of filtering web content, squidGuard presents a cost-free solution with an open database of blocked sites. (6/25/02)

» Bait Crackers With A Honeypot
Adding a honeypot to your arsenal can be a big boost to your network's security, both in distracting malicious users and learning how the garden variety script kiddy or cracker thinks. (6/12/02)

» Build A Primary Domain Controller With Samba, Part Two
Our recipe for quick configuration will make it easy for you to drop a Samba-based PDC into your Windows network for single sign-on authentication, roaming profiles, and more. (5/30/02)

» Build A Primary Domain Controller With Samba, Part One
With Samba as your network's Primary Domain Controller, you can provide single sign-on authentication, roaming profiles, and more on an inexpensive platform. (5/24/02)

» K12LTSP: Kid-proof Computers For Schools
One of the more innovative and ingenious projects to come down the pike in recent times is K12LTSP, the K-12 Linux Terminal Server Project. K12LTSP is designed for the classroom, running diskless terminals (thin clients) connected to an applications server. (5/23/02)

» FreeSCO Build a Router with a 386 and a Floppy Disk, Part Two
Carla Schroder continues her in-depth look at FreeSCO, a single floppy disk router for networks with static routing. It is a good choice for lighter routing chores, when a full-blown heavy-duty commercial router is much too much. (5/20/02)

» FreeSCO: Build A Router With A 386 And A Floppy Disk, Part One
With FreeSCO, all you need to build a router, firewall, or small server is a 386 and a floppy, plus a few minutes to walk through some menus. (5/10/02)

» Mind the Ether with Network Monitors for Windows and Linux
There are almost as many network monitoring apps as there are network admins. Carla Schroder examines a collection of tools available for Windows and Linux. (4/24/02)

» Build a Flexible VPN with FreeS/WAN and Linux, Part Two
Having learned about the advantages of a VPN solution built around low-cost FreeS/WAN, it's time to move on to configuration and testing. (4/18/02)

» Build a Flexible VPN with FreeS/WAN and Linux, Part One
For secure links between your corporate LAN and branch offices, telecommuters, and road warriors, FreeS/WAN and Linux provide security and flexibility for the cost of an old Pentium. (4/17/02)

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This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2004
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