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2002 Articles:

» The Message is the Medium: Selecting a Mail System
How can you select the right messaging system for your business? In 10 easy steps, Hallett German and Beth Cohen outline the criteria needed to evaluate messaging systems. (12/27/02)

» Networked Server Support: What Are Your Options?
Panic time! Your company's senior (OK, only) UNIX systems administrator has just given notice. Do you have any alternative options for supporting all those critical servers and applications? (12/16/02)

» Just What Are Those Packets Doing? Network Tools To Tell You
Don't know the difference between monitoring and analysis? Don't know why everything on your network is moving at a crawl? Long before you consider upgrading hardware, you should invest in some decent tools. Beth Cohen covers your choices. (11/8/02)

» Go In-Depth With LDAP and Novell's eDirectory
It's 9 a.m. on Monday. Do you know where your users' computers are? With Novell's LDAP-based eDirectory, you stand a better chance of managing thousands of users and machines. (10/11/02)

» LDAP 101: Glue Your Network's Pieces Together
'The protocol nobody ever heard of' is gluing networks together with fast, flexible directory services and single sign-on for hassled users. Beth Cohen covers the basics of bringing LDAP to networks large and small. (9/12/02)

» Single Network Identity: Holy Grail or Nightmare?
Network managers are familiar with the chaos multiple passwords and identities can cause with harried user communities. When is a single identity across the network more menace than refuge? (7/15/02)

» Network Security Basics: Tightening Down Your Wireless LAN
By now we're all familiar with the benefits of wireless networks, and we've probably heard most of the horror stories. Ten recommendations to bring security on your WLAN to 'good enough.' (6/20/02)

» Network Security: Covering the Basics, Part 2
Good security doesn't have to be a blackbox process. Here are five practices you can employ to take control of network security, lower your risk of an attack, and recover more quickly when one happens. (6/10/02)

» Network Security: Covering the Basics
Everyone loves a good security horror story when it's someone else's security that's horrifying. Sticking to some basics can ease your fears about your own network while others swap war stories. (6/3/02)

» Service Appliances as Disruptive Technology?
Will network appliances unhorse the traditional admin? In more and more organizations, single-purpose boxes are making inroads, thanks to simplicity and low cost. (5/15/02)

» When's the Time to Bring DNS and DHCP In-House?
What could be causing the problems? Your network is slow; users' complaints are mounting. If DNS and DHCP services are configured correctly, you can eliminate at least one headache from your list of network problems. (4/30/02)

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This article was originally published on Feb 1, 2004
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