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July - December 2002 Articles:

» SharePoint: Love It, Leave It, Or Hope For More
Microsoft gets top marks for its Sharepoint vision from the same analysts who turn around and report the software is still years from 'workable.' What's up with Microsoft's portal solution? Jacqueline Emigh reports. (12/23/02)

» Mac & Linux on the Horizon for GroupWise
While GroupWise 6.5 moves through public beta to good reviews, Novell is preparing its product for new platforms, more scalability, and lower TCO. (12/19/02)

» Buried By The Authentication Avalanche
PINs, passwords, PKI, and more... everyone agrees authentication needs to be improved, and everyone and their uncle has a solution. Which way to go in the fractionalized authentication market? (12/13/02)

» Net Admins Play Wireless Whack-a-Mole
At this week's InfoSecurity Show, experts discussed wireless weakness, from poor (but improving) security protocols to $14 rogue access points popping up like mushrooms. Jacqueline Emigh reports. (12/12/02)

» GroupWise 6.5 Beta: Novell's Challenge to MS Exchange
Groupwise 6.5 Beta is playing to good reviews among analysts and administrators. Jacqueline Emigh reports on the highlights, including enhanced administrative controls and junk-mail filtering. (12/9/02)

» WPA: Is Wi-Fi's Security Bandage Going to Win Over Network Admins?
Faced with widespread concern over WEP's problems as a security standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance introduced WPA as an interim fix. Are administrators going to adopt it or wait for next years's 802.11i? Jacqueline Emight reports. (12/2/02)

» Laptops: Is Your Network's Integrity Flying Out the Door?
When a laptop flies out the door, so can your network integrity. Jacqueline Emigh explains how companies are securing their most vulnerable endpoints. (11/27/02)

» Sprint's UAM Arrives to the Enterprise Instant Messaging Fray
While AOL pushes its new enterprise IM gateway, and other vendors wait on a standard, Sprint pushes in to the market with its Linux- or Solaris-based UAM. (11/26/02)

» Untangling the Lotus Feature Set
The latest from Lotus is a study in crossplatform focus, but what you get varies from platform to platform. Jacqueline Emigh untangles the feature list you can expect, depending on where you're running Domino/Notes. (11/18/02)

» New Consortium Links IT and Physical Security
Network managers have been steadily improving their track record in IT security, just in time for a new emphasis on physical security, as a regional cyber security consortium takes off. (11/14/02)

» Novell Launches eDirectory 8.7 -- And It's Free for iPlanet Directory Users
Novell has leveled the newest version of its LDAP metadirectory straight at Sun with a giveaway assault on its rival's iPlanet Directory Server. (11/5/02)

» Passwords -- Automated Reset, Anyone? How about Microsoft's Kokanee?
So you've got single sign-on but you're still taking 300 calls a day from users who forgot their password? They don't like telling you their new password? How does automated password reset with voice verification sound? (11/1/02)

» Bells and Whistles Add Up with Lotus's Latest
If you're still unsure about a move to Lotus Notes/Domino 6.0, here's a rundown of the veritable chorus of bells and whistles you'll see on the client side and some tips on server setup, too. (10/28/02)

» Lotus Domino - Should You Upgrade or Migrate, Now or Later?
In the battle between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, the latest release of Notes/Domino may shake Exchange's grip on the server as Outlook maintains client supremacy. (10/25/02)

» Eyes On Disaster Recovery: Enterprise Wireless Beyond WLANs
'Enterprise Wireless' doesn't just mean 'WLAN' anymore as companies search for disaster recovery alternatives and come to grips with popularity of instant messaging among their employees. (10/18/02)

» Portal Management - Do You Know What It Takes?
Corporate portals may seem to be an idea that came and went, but for the company that does launch one, it can mean big changes for IT staff and network managers. How might your job change? Jacqueline Emigh reports. (10/8/02)

» NAS or SANs? Will Your (Future) Storage Manager Decide?
Choosing storage options can be a hard call to make, especially when each member of your IT team has a different set of needs and skills. Jacqueline Emigh reports on how the experts recommend you make those calls. (10/4/02)

» As Microsoft Moves Management Forward, How Will Partners Fare?
As Microsoft gets better than anyone else at managing Windows, there's a chance it will make a play for the multiplatform space as well. Will long-standing partnerships withstand the strain? (9/30/02)

» MOM Revisited: "Extensible Platform" or Bloatware?
While one person's 'extensibility' is another's 'bloat,' Microsoft and partners are taking steps to pare down the complexity behind MOM as they search for advantage in a tough market. (9/23/02)

» MOM vs. The Giants: Microsoft Struggles for Net Management Supremacy
Though already out for a year, and despite Microsoft's control of the underlying architecture, MOM faces a fight for the hearts and minds of network managers. (9/16/02)

» Down the Novell Identity Spiral with iChain
With the release of its iChain security appliance, Novell begins the march toward complying with the Liberty Alliance's identity management specifications. How will it fare against smaller security specialists like Netegrity and RSA? (9/13/02)

» OpenView Delves Deeper Into Systems Management
Through a series of technology investments in OpenView, Hewlett-Packard has been delving deeper and deeper into crossplatform enterprise systems management. Now, users and analysts are definitely feeling the impact. (9/9/02)

» Changes Loom for Novell's Groupwise and Netmail
As the usual sniping with Microsoft continues, a reinvigorated Novell is moving its GroupWise and NetMail offerings forward with a multiplatform world firmly in mind. (9/6/02)

» Is a Taste of ICE Easier to Swallow than the Whole Enchilada?
Integrated messaging environments like Exchange, Notes, and Groupwise are often dinged for cost and complexity. When are they a good fit, and when is it best to marginalize their role in your organization? Jacqueline Emigh reports. (9/5/02)

» Should You Offload Messaging Management?
Managing messaging is a science for most operations, provided they have the expertise on hand. When is it a good time to save yourself some hassle and hand your organization's mail and messaging over to an outsourcer? (8/28/02)

» Novell and Microsoft Pitch ICEballs in August
Are Microsoft Exchange and its clients security sieves, or is Novell just saying so to cover up a desperate attempt to catch up with its GroupWise ICE? Jacqueline Emigh reports that the companies never quit sparring. (8/26/02)

» Zenworks for Desktops Beta: Users Report Peaceful Coexistence with Windows
Novell's Zenworks for Desktops 4 allows network administrators to mesh it with their existing Windows infrastructure as Novell beefs up interoperability and retrenches for a heterogeneous world. (8/16/02)

» Move Past Tape Backups and Clean Up Your Network Storage
As the mountains of enterprise data keep piling up, network managers need to do more about storage than mere tape backup, including taking a look at disk-to-disk options. (8/9/02)

» Jaguar - Apple Talks Up 802.11, Bluetooth, and Security
Though much of the keynote and subsequent buzz at this week's MacWorld focused on end users, MacOS X's upcoming release has some features of interest to network pros. (7/19/02)

» Thwart Attacks from Inside the Wire
Intrusion detection is usually outward-facing. What do you do when your intruders are already 'inside the wire' and attacking from within? (7/16/02)

» IPV6: Workarounds to IPV4 Stand in the Way
In one of networking's little ironies, some of the technologies in place to extend the life of IPv4 are making life harder on net admins trying to implement IPv6. Jacqueline Emigh explains. (7/11/02)

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This article was originally published on Oct 29, 2003
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