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January - June 2002 Articles:

» Wireless WANs - Miles To Go for Manageability?
Are 802.11 wireless LANs 'descending into a valley of disappointment' or just working the bugs out? Experts disagreed at PC Expo/TechXNY. (6/28/02)

» P2P: Life Beyond Hype and Annoyance
P2P may have started public life as a bandwidth-hogging annoyance for network admins everywhere, but it's becoming clear the second generation of P2P frameworks will satisfy your need for security, manageability, and scalability. (6/20/02)

» Security Policies - Not Yet as Common as You'd Think
Some studies show nearly half of surveyed IT executives have no formal security policy in place. Why are many in the industry running in place when it comes to security? (6/20/02)

» Information Sharing - Reactions Are Mixed to Government Overtures
While the Federal government pushes companies to share information on security practices and incidents, some in the private sector are unsure of the benefits and nervous about disclosure requirements. (6/17/02)

» The Crowded SLA Market: Getting Your Money's Worth
As the Service Level Agreements market grows, it's getting hard to determine which vendor has the most to offer. Here's a look at some features to consider before catching this wave. (6/14/02)

» IPv6: Migration Issues Loom for Network Administrators
In the second part of our series on IPv6, we look at where operating system and hardware vendors stand in the migration process and some strategies you can adopt to make the transition easier. (6/13/02)

» PKI: Who Do You Trust?
PKI makes end-to-end security an easier proposition, but mismanagement can create liabilities that leave managers wondering about the integrity of its 'web of trust.' (6/7/02)

» IPv6: What You Need to Know
IPv6 is coming, and more's going to change than the total number of available IP addresses. This is the first in our series on what you need to know about IP's newest incarnation. (6/6/02)

» Service Level Agreement Tools Get Proactive
Already favored for application-level measurement and problem-solving, SLA's are moving toward more active, fix-it roles even as their target market sometimes fails to grasp all their current uses. (5/30/02)

» VPN's: Ready for More than Simple Remote Access?
By now, organizations with plenty of telecommuters aren't strangers to VPN's, but network managers are finding possibilities and problems as they expand the VPN's role. (5/28/02)

» Security Tools: Administrators' Wish List
What do administrators really want in security tools? Customers say auditability, flexibility, usability, and most of all, vendor responsiveness. (5/21/02)

» Your Disaster Recovery Plan: How Newer Technologies Will Help
Disaster recovery involves more than making backups and mailing them to Iowa: learn how up and coming network technologies can assist you in planning for the worst. (5/17/02)

» Are You Up to Speed on Provisioning Tools?
If user administration is consuming all your time, it's probably time to catch up on the state of the art in provisioning tools. (5/14/02)

» SPC Releases Storage Benchmarks to General Acclaim and a Little Dissent
It's taken four years, but the Storage Performance Council has finally unveiled online transaction processing benchmarks as dissenters claim flawed reflections of real world performance. (5/6/02)

» N+I Preview: Security's a Focus
Vendors will demo a lot of security products at this year's NetWorld+Interop, as the first in a two part look at what's up in Las Vegas shows. (5/2/02)

» Server Consolidation: Fewer Headaches for Net Admins?
When it comes to which platform (or platforms) to use for server consolidation, opinions vary widely, and some 'consolidated' shops still use more than one operating system. (4/29/02)

» VPNs Grapple with Administrator Concerns
As the VPN market expands, net administrators find themselves confronted with levels of complexity they hadn't anticipated as solutions providers diversify offerings and appliances vie with outsourced management. (4/25/02)

» PKI Group Turns to Teaching Technology
Is PKI too difficult to implement and too complex to grasp? Some analysts say so as the PKI Forum works to increase user education while stressing its applicability to government, business, and health industries. (4/25/02)

» So Far Away and Yet So Close: High Availability Meets Remote Management
How about a world where 'bluescreened' servers can be recovered over the network? Intel-based high availability systems got some attention at Microsoft's WinHEC. (4/23/02)

» Back to the Drawing Boards with Wireless Nets
As wireless networks spread, network admins have to go back to the drawing board and rethink security, end-user education, and policy issues. (4/15/02)

» New Tools Turn the Tables on Wayward Remote Users
Companies are rolling out tools that connect remote workers to coporate networks safely, even when the road warriors would rather live dangerously. (4/12/02)

» New Security Benchmarks Go 'Down in the Weeds' for Policy Enforcement
The Center for Internet Security hopes to ease enterprise policy compliance with a new suite of security benchmarks that bring cut-and-paste simplicity to network device configuration. (4/11/02)

» Net Storage Management Platform: A Simpler Life for Admins and Developers?
In the traditionally highly fragmented storage market, more than 300 companies have banded together to provide a middleware architecture aimed at tying together disparate network storage solutions. (4/4/02)

» Remote Net Management Works for NatSource
When energy trader NatSource found HP's OpenView falling down on the job, its staff followed a growing trend and turned to remote net management. (3/29/02)

» Building From Scratch: RadioShack Gets Ready For DirXML
Using DirXML to tie Netware Directory Services and PeopleSoft8 together, RadioShack takes a relatively uncharted road to human resources management over the network. (3/27/02)

» Any Solution In a Storm? Novell's Sketchy Survival Strategy
Analysts, users, and Novell are at loggerheads over the company's 'solutions' strategy and product cuts aimed at its Netware line. (3/26/02)

» The Powerful, Peerable Squid Caching Proxy: A Flexible Performer
If conserving bandwidth or increasing the responsiveness of popular web sites are big concerns, consider the Squid caching proxy: a flexible, powerful network object caching package that may be difficult to configure but provides a welcome remedy for network congestion. Jacqueline Emigh takes a look and talks to a pair of ISP's using powerful, peerable Squid. (3/11/02)

» Bay City Schools Roll with Netware: A Case Study
When the Bay City school system faced the challenge of implementing a state-of-the-art VPN to work with their multi-platform system in just a few months, they turned to a VAR, a major direct channel manufacturer of computers, and a maker of NOSs that some would mistakenly call a legacy. Jacqueline Emigh reports on how they accomplished their mission goal with time to spare. (2/28/02)

» LSB -- Can It Help Network Managers Cope with Linux?
An emerging standard called Linux Standard Base (LSB) is getting lots of play lately as a boon to software developers. If all goes as planned, though, network managers could start benefiting, too, possibly as early as the end of this year. (2/19/02)

» Dealing with Network Security Scofflaws
Try as you might, you just can't stop users from opening virus-ridden e-mail attachments, or compromising security in some other manner. What can you do about it? Jacqueline Emigh reports. (1/28/02)

» Browsing for Security Policies
It's pretty clear that networks are going to need to pay special attention to security this year, and now is still not too late to review (or put into place) effective security policies. Jacqueline Emigh reports that there are a good many resources that offer templates to get you started.(1/24/02)

» Driveby Hacking on the Go, Part 2
Right now, a lot of war driving is apparently still being done just for fun. Driveby hackers catch a bit of free Internet access, or eavesdrop on e-mail. However, if left wide open, the security holes in wireless networks carry the potential for much more serious consequences. (1/4/02)

» Driveby Hacking on the Go, Part 1
War Drivers, otherwise known as Driveby Hackers, may be stealing services from your LAN. Administrators, security pros, and students have been checking out just how easy it is to gain access to Wireless LANs using little more than a laptop, wireless card, and a sniffer. Are you at risk? (1/3/02)

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This article was originally published on Oct 29, 2003
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