Articles by Joe Stanganelli 

Brave New Network: How IT Departments Will Enable Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence continues to move forward at a rapid pace, so too will demands on IT departments.

Cisco v. Arista: The Patent Battle Analyzed

Insights on some of the latest, the oldest, and the upcoming developments in the ongoing IP wars between Cisco and Arista.

Network Security Policy Best Practices 101: Improving Password Policy

Follow network security policy best practices by using these tips to strengthen password requirements.

Cloud-Driven Competition Compels Company Collaboration

Cloud developers and cloud adopters are busting down their silos as they struggle to stay efficient, relevant, and competitive.

Opinion: The FTC's IoT Power Grab

A recent Federal Trade Commission report on data stewardship issues related to the Internet of Things is effectively a political power play.

Anthem Could Face Legal Fallout from Hack

Experts say that Anthem's lack of encryption doesn't matter. Find out why they might be wrong in our legal analysis.

Minimize Shadow IT Damage by Encouraging Self-Reporting

Many employees play fast and loose with corporate data policy. When shadow IT compromises data, how will you know?

Twelve Days of IT Christmas

Happy holidays from Enterprise Networking Planet!

Michael Chertoff Examines the Anatomy of Cybersecurity

Former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff broke down what it takes to manage data security risks.

Collaboration is Key to Cybersecurity

Need to strengthen your information security efforts? Make space at the table for some outside collaborators and a few friendly hackers.

Hack Early, Hack Often: The Perils of Electronic Voting

From touch-screen ballots to Internet elections, the idea of voting by computer is becoming less popular thanks to questions about the security of electronic voting systems.

Defining the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things? What isn't it? With the help of insights from representatives at the Connected Cloud Summit, Joe Stanganelli explores.

Opinion: TrueCrypt and the Myth of Open-Source Security

Activists insist on the inherent superiority of open source, despite NSA backdoors, the fall of TrueCrypt, and the Heartbleed and Shellshock bugs.

Two Self-Imposed Obstacles in the Way of the Internet of Things

As IoT took center stage at the Connected Cloud Summit in Boston, so too did discussions on the obstacles in the way of deployment.

Wireless Mesh Networks for Internet of Things Latency

More bandwidth! Speedier connections! Greater accessibility! Bigger data faster! These are the demands of tomorrow's IoT. Can they be met? If so, how?

If You Want IoT, You Need the Cloud

Experts at Boston's Connected Cloud Summit argue that the cloud and the Internet of Things are necessarily intertwined.

Patchy Patching: IT Pet Peeves, Part 4

Poor patching practices top our list of IT pet peeves, and for good reason. They lead to massive security risks.

End User Goofs and Who's to Blame: Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 3

End users are guilty of committing several IT pet peeves, but whose fault is that? Let's talk servers in sinks and temps with admin access.

Disorganized Datacenters and Bad GUI: Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 2

What drives network engineers mad? Let's talk about bad cable management and worse GUIs.

Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 1

What common mistakes make life harder in the IT trenches? Joe Stanganelli investigates.

Cloud Security FUD Drives Genomics Industry towards Cloud-in-a-Box, Part 2

Accessibility and cloud security concerns push development of on-premises cloud alternatives for the life sciences and genomics industries.

Cloud Security FUD Drives Genomics Industry towards Cloud-in-a-Box

"Anti-cloud" appliances help the life sciences and genomics overcome compliance, cloud security, and data accessibility concerns.

Drones Exploit Wi-Fi to Threaten Security

A common Wi-Fi setting renders smartphones and other wireless devices vulnerable to exploits by specialist drones.

The Mask Raises Network Security Worries in an Age of Cyberwarfare

The Careto malware, a.k.a. The Mask, could have been a Duqu-like cyberweapon – but more sophisticated.

Mistrial Resolves Nothing in Juniper-Palo Alto Patent War

After judge declares a mistrial in Juniper/Palo Alto Networks patent trial, Joe Stanganelli examines what happened, and what happens next.

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