Articles by Teren Bryson 

HP Enterprise Reinvests in Networking

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO talks HP Networking, converged infrastructure, acquisitions and partnerships, and the competition.

Big Security Breaches and How Big Data Can Prevent Them

Security threats are evolving. Combating them demands that enterprise information security professionals and perspectives evolve, too.

Cisco ACI in the Real World

Cisco's ACI is blazing a trail for SDN in the enterprise. Find out who's deploying ACI and why.

Definition: Layer-1 Switching

Layer-1 switching isn’t what it initially sounds like. The programmability of this technology is earning it a growing fanbase.

Enterprise Networking Trends for 2015

What networking trends will shape 2015? From Layer 1 switching to Puppet and Chef, OpenStack to public cloud, Teren Bryson makes some predictions.

Brocade Builds a Team of Visionaries

What can recent high-profile defections from Juniper and Cisco do for Brocade and the networking industry?

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