Articles by Ainsley Jones 

Facebook Announces Expansion of Oregon Data Center

Facebook has decided to expand its first wholly owned data center.

GSA Completes Migration to Hosted Email Service

The General Services Administration has successfully migrated its 17,000 employee email users from Lotus Notes to a professional version of Gmail packaged in Google Apps for Government.

Microsoft's Project Daytona Takes It into the Big Data Space

Microsoft announced a set of tools and services built around the Azure platform that will allow researchers to analyze extremely large data sets.

Federal Government Plans Massive Data Center Consolidation

The federal government plans to shut down 40 percent (800) of its data centers over the next four years. The shuttering of facilities is expected to free up billions of dollars a year and acres of real estate.

Texas Bill Averts Tax Crisis for Hosting Companies

The governor's signature on Texas House Bill 1841 has come to the delight of several Texas-based hosting and data center companies.

Internet Traffic Leading a Data Center Boom/Bust

Data center space has been one of the few bright spots in real estate of late, but some fear its peak has passed.

Amazon Cuts Data Transfer Costs

Following Microsoft's lead with its Windows Azure platform, Amazon Web Services announced that it was eliminating fees for inbound data transfer and reducing fees for outbound data transfer.

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