Articles by Kara Reeder 

Survey: Mobile Apps Exposing Sensitive Data

Usernames were the most common piece of unprotected data with 76 percent of the 100 apps keeping usernames in plain text.

Anonymous Vows to Destroy Facebook on Nov. 5

Anonymous has vowed to topple Facebook on November 5 for what they say is the social-networking giant's misuse of personal information.

Tennessee BlueCross Completes Enterprise-wide Encryption Project

More than 5,000 man-hours were spent on the encryption effort, which covers about 885TB of at-rest data.

Dansient: Android Apps Leaking Private Info

Of the 10,000 Android applications examined, more than 800 were leaking personal data to an unauthorized server.

Trusteer: One in 20 Android, iOS Devices Infected by 2012

Trusteer Chief Executive Mickey Boodaei says, "Android's security architecture is not currently up to the challenge."

Anonymous Targets Turkish Government Again

The hacking group claims to have taken down 74 websites and released data said to be harvested from more than 100 Turkish government domains.

Cisco: Mass Spamming Out, Targeted Attacks In

Cyber criminals have ditched traditional email-based mass security threats in favor of lower volume targeted attacks.

Dropbox Security Bug Turns Off Passwords

The breach was attributed to a "code update" that "introduced a bug affecting our authentication mechanism."

Cellcrypt Secures Calling to Android Phones

Cellcrypt Mobile for Android sets up an encrypted VoIP session between handsets equipped with the software, but the process is as simple as placing a normal phone call.

Cellcrypt Secures Calling to Android Phones

Cellcrypt Mobile for Android sets up an encrypted VoIP session between handsets equipped with the software, but the process is as simple as placing a normal phone call.

Facebook Hit by New Malware Scam Targeting Mac and Windows

A new round of malicious Web links is circulating on Facebook that installs fake anti-virus software on victims' computers.

Hackers Break into Another Sony Network

Hackers used a SQL injection flaw to inject malicious code into the Greek Sony BMG site.

4,000 SEC Workers Affected by Data Breach

The incident happened for two reasons: The contractor forgot to encrypt the email and the software in place to catch such errors did not work properly.

Virus Puts Massachusetts Jobless at Risk

The virus attempted to send personal information like names, addresses and Social Security numbers to criminals, but it is not clear if or how much data was successfully stolen.

Whitehats Subvert Google Chrome Sandbox

The exploit, according to Vupen, "bypasses all security features."

Stealth Attack Targets Apache Web Server

The attack uses Apache's built-in filter capabilities to include links to malicious websites.

Rogue Anti-virus App Targets Mac Users

Although the virus doesn't install anything to run in the background, it does try to trick users into buying the application via credit card.

Sony Takes Another Gaming Network Offline

The banking and credit card information belonging to more than 23,000 customers of the Sony Online Entertainment network may have been compromised.

Mozilla Patches 14 Bugs in Firefox 4

Thirteen of the flaws are tagged as critical and one is labeled as low impact.

FBI: Phishing Funds Flowing to China

Attackers use Zeus, Spybot or other malware to push code onto the victims' computers and harvest banking information, which is then sent to seemingly legitimate Chinese business accounts.

Feds Will Remotely Uninstall Coreflood Botnet

The FBI has identified infected computers. Those infected are the PCs targeted for the remote eradication once written consent is received.

Iran Claims New Malware Targeting Computer Systems

Iran has not offered up any samples of the new worm, making it impossible to verify the claims.

Georgia Man Pleads Guilty to $36.6 Million Worth of ID Theft

Rogelio Hackett Jr. faces up to 12 years in prison, as well as fines of up to twice the losses suffered by victims.

Oak Ridge National Lab Halts Web Access Following Cyber Attack

Apparently, attackers sent phishing emails to some 573 lab employees that were disguised to look like they came from the lab's HR department and claimed there were some benefits-related changes.

Sophos Calls on Facebook to Improve Privacy

Sophos encourages Facebook to "act now," rather than wait for regulators to force its hand on privacy.

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