Articles by Robert Siciliano 

Identity Theft Prevention Checklist for 2010

Along with the breaking of some bad habits, now is the time to take on some new habits to protect you against identity theft. The Identity Theft Resource Center´┐Ż (ITRC) offers the following top resolutions you can make in 2010.

Top 10 Identity Theft Predictions For 2010

I've joined forces with the Identity Theft Resource Center to expand the pool of knowledge about identity theft

Signature Authorization is Stupid Security

Ever forge your husband's signature? Wife's? Parent's? Client's? Do you think the clerk behind the counter at Walmart is skilled in handwriting analysis?

Swatting Exploits Use Technology To Harm

In the field of information security, swatting is an attempt to trick an emergency service (such as

McAfee's The Twelve Scams of Christmas

As cybercriminals begin to take advantage of the holiday season, McAfee, Inc. revealed the "Twelve Scams of Christmas” – the twelve most dangerous online scams that computer users should be cautious of this holiday season.

Comcast Homepage Hackers Indicted

One hacked email address led to the defacement of Comcast's homepage.

Ten Common Identity Theft Myths Dispelled

The Santa Fe Group Vendor Council Awareness and Education Subcommittee has helped to clarify some common misinformation with regards to this increasingly common crime.

Social Media Scams Plague Networks

For the past year, I've been screaming about the trouble with social media as it relates to identity theft, brand hijacking, privacy issues, and the opportunity social media creates for criminals to "friend” their potential victims in order to create a false sense of trust and use that against their victims in phishing or other scams.

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