Articles by Joseph Moran 

Windows Intune v2 Worth a Look

Powerful but pricey, Windows Intune offers comprehensive and cloud-based PC management and malware protection but lacks Active Direct and Group Policy integration.

Get Started with WS_FTP Server 7.5

WS_FTP has grown a lot since it first arrived on the scene, and in its latest incarnation offers a host of features that allow it to operate as a standalone FTP server or as a tightly integrated component in your Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 Server environment.

Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T

This new device allows Skype video calls from anywhere that has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Propel Personal Bandwidth Manager

Want to automatically prioritize Internet bandwidth for your VoIP calls? This management utility may be the answer.

Skype Phone Bridges Land and Air

Netgear's Cordless Internet Phone with Skype lets you roam your home or office wirelessly and route your calls over either the Internet or traditional landlines.

Netgear Skype Wi-Fi Phone

Skype away — without a computer — using this expensive handset. Just talk fast before the battery dies.

Hamachi: Roll-Your-Own VPN Worth the Risk?

Windows Networking: Hamachi delivers a fast, easy-to-configure VPN, but the company's low profile and the issues the product's architecture introduces warrant caution.

Review: Cognio Spectrum Expert for Wi-Fi

This pricey tool could be invaluable in helping find the items interfering with the radio waves around your wireless LAN.

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