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Virtual Machines put the 'Fun' in Dysfunctional

Although server virtualization has by most accounts reached the mainstream of IT, best practices for their management and administration have yet to do so, writes Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates.

Video Surveillance: Killer App or Network Killer?

Video surveillance is moving away from dedicated networks and becoming an IP-based megabyte bandwidth hog. Is your network up to task?, asks Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates.

Efficient, Portable and Extensible Back up of VMs

Just like the data they process, virtual machines should be backed up and stored regularly to avoid having to redo all of your work, writes Kamalkumar Mistry of Infosys Labs.

Network Management and the Cloud R/evolution

Some say revolution. Some evolution. Who really knows but one thing is for sure. Cloud is elevating networking to a place of rightfully-due prominence in the IT department, writes Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates.

You Can Never Really Get Rid of Botnets

The much ballyhooed Kelihos botnet take down shines a bright light on the human side of botnets and why they are probably going to be with us for a long time, writes Gunter Ollmann of Damballa.

How to get More Density Out of Existing Infrastructure

You don't have to automatically buy more capacity to do more work, writes Chuck Tatham of CiRBA.

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