Articles by Loraine Lawson 

Could ISPs Be the Next to Offer Integration-as-a-Service?

Internet Service Providers and Communications Service Providers may explore the opportunity to become "cloud service brokerages."

Coupling Semantics, ETL and Data Marts – Better than Virtualization?

Semantic technologies work well with ETL and consolidating data into data marts.

New Mule Release Helps Enterprises Prep for Cloud

Ross Mason, founder and CTO, spoke to IT Business Edge's Loraine Lawson about what enterprise customers want in terms of cloud integration and how the open source ESB company addressed these issues in its new edition for enterprises, Mule 3.1, which was released on Jan. 11.

The Best Cloud Case: What Functions You Should – and Shouldn't – Consider Moving

Loraine Lawson recently interviewed Judith Hurwitz, president of business consulting firm Hurwitz & Associates and co-author of the recently released "Cloud Computing for Dummies." In part one of the interview, Hurwitz explained why an integration strategy is important for moving to the cloud. In this second half, she discusses integration with the cloud, what you should and shouldn't move to the cloud and a prediction for 2010.

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