Articles by Lisa Phifer 

NAC Appliance Buyer's Guide: Bradford Networks

Bradford's Network Sentry layers NAC solutions atop a modular foundation that delivers visibility into and context around the world of alerts and indicators.

NAC Appliance Buying Guide: Avenda Systems

Avenda’s eTIPS strives to fit NAC into any network, small or large.

NAC Appliance Buyer's Guide: ForeScout

CounterACT takes an automated Swiss army knife approach to controlling network access.

Network Access Control Appliance Buying Guide

In this network hardware buying guide, we pose questions that every organization should ask when selecting a NAC Appliance.

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: Solera Networks

Solera DeepSee uses speedy forensic data navigation to improve time-to-resolution

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: NIKSUN

NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine marries IDS and network forensics.

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: RSA NetWitness

In this EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet Network Forensics Appliance buying guide, we look at how RSA's acquisition of NetWitness marries two best-of-breed products to create a  comprehensive monitoring solution

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide

Network Forensics Appliances can provide situational awareness and incident preparedness. In this buying guide, we examine the capabilities and features they offer so you can make the best buying decision.

Next-Generation Firewall Buying Guide: Check Point

Software blades can add identity-aware application controls to Check Point firewalls.

Next-Generation Firewall Buyer's Guide: SonicWALL

E-Class appliances use reassembly free deep packet inspection to deliver speedy application intelligence and control.

Next-Generation Firewall Buyer's Guide: Palo Alto Networks

Next-generation firewall pioneer continues to raise the bar, using App-ID to control port-hoppers and encrypted Web apps.

Next-Generation Firewall Buying Guide

Given the rise of Web 2.0 and targeted malware, first-generation firewalls are not effective in dealing with current and emerging threats. Next-generation firewalls can detect application-specific attacks and enforce application-specific security policies.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: Juniper

MAG Series Junos Pulse gateways unify network access control and SSL VPN to deliver safer mobile access.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: Cisco

Using AnyConnect Secure Mobility, Cisco leverages its VPN appliance to enable 'borderless' protection.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: SonicWALL

E-Class SRA appliances offer flexible-yet-secure mobile access, governed by unified policies.

Buyer's Guide: Remote Access VPN Appliances

The days when a virtual private network meant just employee access from a laptop are gone. Today's VPN appliances must juggle on- and off-site smartphones, tablets, notebooks, you name it -- giving VPN shoppers a new set of challenges.

Network IPS Buyer's Guide: HP TippingPoint

DVLabs, ZDI, and Rep DV help HP TippingPoint offer bleeding-edge protection

Network IPS Buyer's Guide: Cisco

Cisco battles threats by embedding IPS in switches, routers, firewalls, and appliances.

Network IPS Buyer's Guide: Sourcefire

Sourcefire 3D Sensors and Defense Center build on the Snort engine to deliver next-generation IPS.

Network Intrusion Prevention Buyer's Guide

What does it really take for a Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (NIPS) to defend your business from advanced threats and zero-day attacks? Learn about the features you should look for.

Aruba Enterprise WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

Leveraging ArubaOS to power its Mobility Controllers and APs, Aruba tries to provide the same seamless service to roaming Wi-Fi users that they'd get from their cell phones.

Motorola Enterprise WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

In this installment of our WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide, we consider Controller products offered by Motorola Solutions.

Cisco WLAN Controller Buyer's Guide

Cisco's approach to its wireless controller portfolio reflects a desire to deliver flexibility to its customers, accommodating distributed and centralized WLAN architectures.

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise WLAN Controllers

Treating wireless APs as independently-managed elements is impractical. Enter WLAN Controllers, which often centralize both administration and processor-intensive control tasks.

2010: The Enterprise Wi-Fi Year in Review

Thanks to 802.11n, there's a good chance 2010 was the year a wireless LAN became your default network access method. Here's a look at the major deals, improvements in technology and changes in the market that pushed Wi-Fi ahead in the enterprise.

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