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Is Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Picking Up Speed?

With the lion's share of the market running some iteration of Ethernet, the prospects for Gigabit Ethernet over copper cabling looked promising. Unfortunately, the numbers never stacked up the way industry pundits predicted. However, that may be changing...

Recovering the Business

Even prior to the recent terrorist attacks, companies across industries grappled with how to rethink disaster recovery. Now that the unimaginable has occurred, IT departments are working in overdrive to ensure failsafe protection for their companies, their products and services, and their customers. Here's a case study of how one company has evolved in its thinking about disaster recovery over the years.

Reaching Out For Management

Strategic outsourcing is looking better every day as companies try to find ways to manage the thickening layers of technology they must adopt in order to remain competitive in today's business environment. One solution is partnering with a Management Service Provider (MSP), as a way to ease the burden of managing the enterprise LAN and WAN.

New Tools To Assess Security

Organizations can't afford to sit around and wait for a network attack, but enterprise security is a moving target. Fortunately, there's a new generation of security assessment tools that help determine just what steps can you take to keep your security strategies up-to-date. How useful are these tools, and what do they cost?

Start-up Offers Top Level Domains

Upstart start-up New.net steps outside the ICANN canon.

On the Horizon: 10Gb Ethernet

Ethernet is poised to boost network speeds once again and provide data pipes fat enough to transport network storage. Enterprises and service providers alike eagerly await the 10Gb Ethernet standard.

The Business Utility of Handheld Devices

Companies are beginning to put PDAs in the hands of their traveling employees, instead of laptops -- and enhanced functionality is making this an increasingly attractive option.

The Maturing of Performance Management Tools

The network performance product space has shifted and consolidated, as businesses prove eager to buy tools that will enhance their networks.

Telecom Companies Revise MMDS Rollout Plans

Both Sprint and WorldCom recently announced that they will be scaling back plans to provide MMDS wireless services.

The Cellular Connection

Innovation in wireless communications continues to proliferate. New products make features such as call forwarding and conference calls available on cellular phones.

Intrusion Detection: The Guard Inside the Gate

A firewall puts a lock on the door. IDS is the watchdog inside.

Line of Firewalls

Companies arent asking if they need a firewall, but rather which one they need. What do todays IT decision makers need to know about currently available firewall solutions?

Sharing the load

Companies large and small, dot-com and traditional, can read the writing on the wall. If your Web site isn't available and reliable, you're sunk. Increasingly, load-balancing technology is helping companies ensure the Web performance they need.

On the edge with WAP

Wireless access protocol (WAP) is coming on strong in the race to provide Internet content via small-screen, wireless devices.

For systems management, complexity dictates a scalable approach

Tools for managing systems and networks must be scalable in today's vast and complex IT environments. But scalable needn't mean grandiose.

Network complexity requires strong support

Big systems-management projects demand vendors who will always be there when you need them.

The next wave in network management

Service-level management products should align network management to business requirements.

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