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Sun Wants in on Access Management

Sun hopes to cash in on access management, but it joins a field dominated by IBM, CA and others.

WebMessenger Mobilizes IM, Presence from Microsoft OCS

New client for BlackBerry joins WebMessenger family of portable IP communications applications.

WAN Optimization Dominated by Startups, Growing Fast

A new study says WAN optimization appliances are a booming market as organizations spread out.

Mail Toolbar Uses Anti-Phishing Reputation Database

A new toolbar uses a reputation database to help Outlook and Notes users discover whether mail in their inboxes is a phishing scam.

Study: Network Downtime Nibbles at Profits

A new study says medium businesses lose about one percent of their revenue per year to network downtime.

Security Companies Offer Free Information Tools

Symantec and F-Secure have announced pages designed to provide users with an at-a-glance overview of the state of Internet security.

New Appliance Sniffs for Spyware

A new appliance from Trend Micro sniffs for spyware and malicious applets, then helps infected servers and clients clean themselves up.

Panda Offers Linux Desktop Security Beta

DesktopSecure provides anti-virus and intrusion prevention software for Linux workstations.

Monitor Snitches on Rogue Endpoints

ENDFORCE's new monitoring tool reports rogue endpoints to network administrators.

IronPort Announces Two Layer Security Appliance

A new Web security appliance from IronPort uses a combination of reputation filtering , application layer and network layer monitors to block Web-based malware.

Study: Spam To Decline Through 2010

A research firm says the amount of spam e-mail users receive will drop from 3,253 pieces last year to 1,640 pieces in 2010.

F-Secure Spoofed with Bogus Mail

Security company F-Secure was the target of a malicious mail apparently designed to give the company a black eye.

Cisco Closes Door on VPN DoS

Cisco has announced patches for a potential DoS vulnerability in its VPN gear.

Botnets On the Rise

Panda Security says botnets have established their place in the malware firmament.

Site Names and Shames 'Badware' Purveyors

A new organization backed by Sun, Lenovo and Google seeks to shine the spotlight on "badware."

Report: U.S. Holds Top Spammer Spot

A new report indicates that the United States relays more spam than any other country, but China's number two with a bullet.

Cisco Patches DoS Flaws

Cisco has announced patches and workarounds for flaws affecting its IOS and VoIP software.

NAC Enforcement Becoming Billion Dollar Business

A research firm says the network access control enforcement market will grow by over 1,100 percent in the next two years.

New Cisco Cert Targets Rich Media

New certification pushes expertise in VoIP and video conferencing.

Reports: IM Threats Steadily Evolving

A pair of new reports say 2005 was a year of unfortunate firsts for IM security; with 2006 promising escalations in the sophistication of security threats.

Security Experts Blast Microsoft

Are Microsoft's Oompa-Loompas producing security candy or just singing the day away? Security experts aren't sure, and they're recommending users fix the latest Windows exploit with unofficial patches.

SANS Takes Security Pros to School

SANS has announced a pair of graduate degrees in security for aspiring CIOs and other IT professionals.

IronPort Rolls Mail Appliance for SMEs

New mail appliance targets SMEs with spam- and virus-fighting at the edge.

NetScout to Announce Performance Management Standby Server

New server aimed at enterprises in need of a backup performance management server in emergency scenarios.

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