Articles by Naomi Graychase 

802.11n Ratified

IEEE releases a late-Friday press release announcing that the standard is soup.

Save the Planet, Work Remotely

Aruba and Avaya team up to provide secure enterprise-quality voice and data applications to remote workers--and reduce greenhouse gases while they're at it.

Wi-Fi Plays Key Role in Apple's Newest Products

Steve Jobs announced several new products today at MacWorld, almost all of which feature a Wi-Fi (802.11n draft) component.

Aruba Acquires AirWave

In response to customer demand for multi-vendor management solutions, Aruba announced today that it will acquire AirWave Wireless.

Is Wi-Fi Bad for Humans?

Some ill people say yes, but the scientific proof points the other direction, noting that a year sitting near a wireless network is roughly equivalent to 20 minutes on a mobile phone.

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