Paul Rubens

Contributing Writer, Enterprise Networking Planet

Paul Rubens started out as an investment banker in the 1980s, before moving in to journalism in 1991. Since going freelance in 1998, he has contributed to the technology sections of many leading international publications including The Economist and The Financial Times, as well as writing for specialist business technology publications including EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet, eSecurityPlanet, Computing and TechRadar. He is also sub-editor of Pinball Magazine, the world's leading publication devoted to the silver ball.


Articles by Paul Rubens 

Pandemic Budget Priorities: More Network Security Means Less Spending Elsewhere

The huge increase in home-based employees has created a need to secure network access, while falling revenues pressure budgets elsewhere, creating a dilemma for IT leaders.

Secure SSL Against Today's Threats

A variety of threats—including NSA surveillance—endanger SSL security today. Learn how to mitigate the risks and protect your sessions' privacy, now and for the foreseeable future.

Let the Enterprise Networking Games Begin

The war for control of the enterprise network of tomorrow is about to begin, and when it does it's going to get dirty because it's a war no one can afford to lose.

Troubleshooting Common SIP Problems with Wireshark

Paul Rubens demonstrates the use of Wireshark to troubleshoot common SIP-based VoIP connection, calling, and call quality problems.

Unified Communications 101: A Glossary of SIP Terms

Paul Rubens breaks down the key terms you'll need to know to understand Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Cisco and Juniper Reveal SDN Strategies

Major hardware vendors' SDN strategies pave the way for the mainstreaming of software-defined networking.

Cloud Wi-Fi Could Become Key for Network Management

Managing network infrastructure from the cloud is becoming increasingly important.

Using Floodlight to Explain SDN Controllers and OpenFlow

Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises to change the way data packets are switched to provide a more flexible and cheaper way to maintain and operate the network, whether on premises or in the cloud.

Application Delivery Controller Buyer's Guide

When application performance matters most these ADCs may help.

VDI, DaaS Compete for Desktop Dollars

Virtual desktop infrastructures may be closer to reality, but some are turning to desktop as a service (DaaS) while they wait.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform Buying Guide

We cover everything you need to know about Mobile Device Management (MDM) products, from must-have features to vendors large and small.

Splunk Adds Intelligence to IT Management

Splunk's data-driven approach helps IT departments troubleshoot applications, security and IT infrastructure.

Taking ADCs to the Next Level

F5's latest application delivery controller, the Viprion 4480, is aimed at large enterprises, carriers, and cloud providers looking to upgrade to 40GbE and segregate their customers via virtualization and charge for services accordingly.

Virtual Networking on the Edge of Adoption

Is this the most interesting networking startup in Silicon Valley? Nicira believes it about to start a revolution in networking which will profoundly change the way your data center operates.

Making the Case for Cloud Storage

Storage is often cited as one of cloud's killer apps because it provides quick and easy access to data as an temporary cache, a long-term archive and, best of all, a much faster way to reboot your business in the event of an outage -- all without trucks and tape.

Log Management Moving Back to its Security Roots

Once the mainstay of security teams everywhere, then relegated to the compliance toolbox, log management is making a comeback as a cyber-crime avenger.

Endace: The 'Google of Packets'

Networking monitoring provider offers 100% packet capture with zero latency or loss but it will cost you. But, compared to downtime, does spending a few bucks really matter? Endace's marque clients think not.

Could Latency Kill the Cloud?

Latency and cloud go hand-in-hand but it's the end users who will decide if your cloud efforts are up to task. Thankfully, there are workarounds if there is a problem.

The Pros & Cons of Booting from SAN

Like most things, booting up from SAN vs. the server's hard drive does offer many benefits but there are few caveat emptors along the way. But, if managed correctly, they may not be that big a deal.

Liquid Cooling Gaining in Popularity Again

Data center energy consumption is a hot issues these days and liquid cooling vendors are betting they have the solutions that will cut costs and improve performance and utilization.

Software Tokens Gaining in Popularity

Carrying around one more device or dongle is a pain but smartphones and software tokens are beginning to change all that.

Red Seal Networks Advisor Suite Review

Red Seal's Network Advisor and Vulnerability Advisor work in tandem to uncover and alert your admins to configuration vulnerabilities in the network.

Ten Tips to Make Your SSL Secure

Does your SSL server have misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities that make it insecure? Follow these ten tips to avoid common SSL security mistakes.

Symantec Offers SaaS Security

Symantec's decided to ride the security SaaS wave with its collection of .cloud services, providing pre-integrated solutions on a subscription basis.

Kaspersky: Malware May Have an Answer in the Cloud

Enterprise security vendors may have failed to stop the tide of malware in the past, but according to Eugene Kaspersky, cloud computing may help reverse that trend.

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