Articles by Arthur Cole 

New Doubts over SSDs in the Enterprise

SSD technology has been one of the top enterprise headlines of the past year, with proponents talking up its speed, lower operating costs and small form factor as major advances over current hard disk technology. Leave it to the hard disk manufacturers to throw cold water on the party.

Key Considerations for the Private Cloud

Love them or hate them, it seems that the enterprise's enthusiasm for private clouds is gaining steam.

A New Beginning for Tape?

Arthur Cole spoke with Bruce Master, senior program manager for IBM's Tape Storage Systems/The LTO Program, about new generations of LTO tape in the enterprise.

The Green Data Center: Getting the Full Picture

If your data center provides the same level of service while your energy bill goes down, you're probably on the right track.

Tapping the Data Center's Hidden Resources

The fact is that the typical data center already has the raw power to meet just about any data load you care to throw at it. It's just that we've had a hard time adequately distributing those resources to meet data requirements.

Tweaking the Hybrid Drive Model

SSDs and hard disk drives excel in different aspects of the storage equation, so it really wasn't a surprise when Seagate decided to put the two together.

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