Articles by Arthur Cole 

Keeping Server Utilization in Check

Increased server utilization has been a positive step for the enterprise. But as the saying goes, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

A Simpler Cloud, but Is It Better?

New platforms and toolkits are coming at a steady pace with promises of simplifying the provisioning and management of cloud resources to the point where it is no more complicated than building in-house infrastructure.

Private vs. Public Clouds: The Never-Ending Story

Despite endless coverage of the desire of enterprises to mount their own internal cloud architectures, debate rages on as to whether private clouds are real or just the IT equivalent of a blurry photo of a man in a gorilla suit.

VDI Gets Its Big Break

Despite a steady stream of virtual desktop deployments over the past year, talk still revolves around that big breakthrough -- the point at which VDI reaches critical mass to become the next big advancement in data center operations.

Enterprise Hardware Sales Picking up Steam

The latest economic reports indicate a white hot enterprise hardware industry despite nearly all of the latest technological trends stressing infrastructure and resource consolidation.

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