Articles by Arthur Cole 

Amazon Web Services: The Cautionary Tales

It's been said that you learn more through adversity than good fortune.

To PC or Not to PC?

It's emerging as one of the central dilemmas in enterprise capital budget preparations this year: Should funding be shifted toward new mobile access or should it stick with the tried-and-true PC?

The New PC for the New Enterprise

To say that the writing is on the wall for the trusty enterprise workstation is probably going a bit too far. But even though PCs are likely to continue and even thrive in a multi-device ecosphere, it is also true that they will only do so through adaptation and specialization.

IT Management via the Virtural Appliance

Arthur Cole spoke with Henry Tam, product marketing manager for F5 Networks, about traditional hardware appliance platforms versus virtual-appliance-based platforms.

SSDs Getting Faster, Smaller

As recent advances indicate, SSDs have only just begun to tap their enormous potential, with each successive generation promising to take on more responsibility in highly complex data environments. 

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