Articles by Arthur Cole 

A Closer Look at SSD Benchmarking

As user communities gain more experience with the technology, concern is rising over many of the performance benchmarks used to compare solid-state devices to each other and to tape. With most performance claims based on vendors' own testing, can we be sure throughput and IOPS claims are accurate? And do those numbers vary greatly based on specific data environments and surrounding legacy infrastructure?

Private Cloud Storage: Still Worth the Effort

Is private cloud storage really worth it? In a word, yes.

Building Bridges Between the Clouds

It appears that the debate over public vs. private clouds is over, and the winner is: hybrids.

Is an 'Open Cloud' Truly in the Cards?

The steady trickle of open virtualization/open cloud technologies is quickly gaining steam, making it appear that a universal, infinitely scaleable and hyper-dynamic compute environment is just around the corner. But on closer inspection, are the latest open technology announcements actually less than they appear? And is that necessarily a bad thing?

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