Articles by Arthur Cole 

Getting to the Core of Advanced Networking

There are a lot of exciting things going on in networking, but they may require upgrades to core switching equipment to implement.

Who's Doing What with SDN?

SDN is shaping up to be the next big thing.

Networking is Where the Money Is

Piecing Together the SAN-Less Enterprise

Could it be that the enterprise is on the cusp of a radically re-imagined storage architecture that could kick both virtualization and the cloud into even higher gear?

SDN, Only as Good as its Applications

It's likely that the handful of SDN application endeavors already will soon be joined by a plethora of commercial developers ready to get in on the action.

Oracle, VMware and the Hunt for SDN

Actual products are starting to take shape, so the time is right to start handicapping.

Is InfiniBand Due for a Comeback?

InfiniBand could make a comeback in the enterprise, but a huge installed Ethernet base won't make it easy.

Lowering Network Power Consumption

New devices promise lower power consumption for data center networks.

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