Articles by Arthur Cole 

Virtualization Muddles the Network Edge

The traditional firewall method is becoming outdated; enterprises should focus on data protection instead.

High-Speed Networking Gains Ground, But to What End?

As fast gets faster, organizations should reassess their needs.

UC Brings Carrier Challenges to the Enterprise

Merging voice and video settles a number of issues, but new ones need to be addressed.

Management in a Diverse Network Environment: More than an Afterthought

You can't monitor what you can't see, and more and more of the network infrastructure is beyond your direct control.

Cisco Unites Wired, Wireless. Who’s Next?

Cisco’s integrated, unified networking ASIC is a boon for companies with mobile workers.

SSDs and PCIe: Faster Networking for Faster Storage

Companies compete to redefine the data center.

Network Diversity Causes Growing Security Challenge

How should the enterprise approach the tradeoff between speed and safety?

With SDN, Does Hardware Really Matter?

With software defined networking, does the underlying hardware matter?

SDN and Network Utilization: Less than Meets the Eye?

Will SDN deliver the promised efficiency and cost savings?

Looking Ahead to the 'Cloud of Clouds'

Imagine if all cloud services could work seamlessly together.

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