Articles by Arthur Cole 

Small Connections Enable Big Networks

New server interconnect technology will help enable big changes in the data center.

The Cloud and Public Internet: Keep the Data Flowing

Can the telecom industry keep up with the increasing bandwidth demands of the cloud?

SDN: On Select Hardware Only?

Major hardware vendors aim to cut themselves a slice of the SDN pie.

LAN vs. WAN: What Does the Cloud Demand?

To support a cloud-based future, new developments in LAN and WAN technology aim to overcome the current limitations of network topologies.

SDN and Automation: Their Time is Coming

New developments in network automation will help SDN fulfill its promise.

A New Era in Enterprise Network Infrastructure

SDN, virtualization, and the cloud are changing the very infrastructure of enterprise networking.

Server-Side Flash: Under New Management, But Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Can emerging flash management technologies help server-side flash take on the SAN and NAS storage big boys?

Can SDN Live Up to The Hype?

Software defined networking may not be able to do everything its proponents say it can.

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